Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Major video

I love basketball, I love the fluidity of the game, the way it looks when played right. I love the friendship among the players and I love watching how hard they push to reach the goal they're all striving for. I want to share my love for it, to tell other people why they should love it as much as I do. I want to tell people how their favorite team can improve or provide them with a new favorite to cheer for. I want to show people how complicated, but simple it is and I want to find new ways to enjoy it. Tomorrow, I will continue my love for the game and combine it with what I want to do. I will write my own summaries of games instead of reading other peoples, I will write down my thoughts of possible off-season improvement and championship predictions, even if I don't share them with anybody. Long term, I will put my work out there and pray that I receive positive feedback from it. I can start with creating a blog for it and then continue to use it before reaching out to teams after I graduate.

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