Thursday, April 28, 2016

Semester end

I'm very stressed as the semester is coming to an end. I'm stuck between being excited for summer and being stressed about tests, papers and finals. I also have the added stress of moving out of my dorm. I don't live very far away, but it is still stressful to pack up my whole life here and incorporate it into my whole life at home. More than anything, I'm going to miss my friends here. I have grown so close with them, because we all live together. We don't live too far apart, the farthest from me is about two and a half hours, but it's going to be hard to see each other as much as we want. We have dinner together every night here and I'm probably only going to see them a few times over the next few months. I'm going to be working 3 days a week over the summer, plus vacations with my family and seeing my friends from high school. Hopefully, this summer is relaxing and productive.

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